Current Wish List: July 2017

Just a few things that I have my eye on at the moment:

total toxin eliminator patchology smart mud masks

Total Toxin Eliminator Smart Mud Mask –

The Mixed Metals Set

The Mixed Metals Set –

The Foil Me Set

The Foil Me Set –

rose & jasmine body oil

Rose & Jasmine Body Oil –

cleopatra's milk bath

Cleopatra’s Milk Bath –

privleged whaam bootie dsw

Privleged Whaam Bootie –

louis-vuitton--AD5Q1HSL33_PM1_Other view

Louis Vuitton Star Trail Ankle Boot –

Faceplant Dreams Bamboo Shorts in Aqua Mist

Faceplant Dreams Bamboo Shorts in Aqua Mist –

nest learning thermostat 3rd gen amazon

Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd Gen) –




Timing is really funny sometimes, in a good way! I was thinking about floss and how my current one is too hard, if that makes sense,Β  when I was given the opportunity to try out a different type of dental floss called…Cocofloss. It is a high performance dental floss made of microfiber filaments (loofah floss!) infused with coconut oil that is designed to scrub your teeth clean.

Cocofloss is the brainchild of the Cu sisters (Chrystle, a dentist, and Cat). Their purpose for this product is basically to make flossing and cleaning your teeth fun and more rewarding. A different experience, if you will. 😊


I was sent all four Cocofloss flavors (Fresh Coconut, Fresh Strawberries, Delicious Mint, and Cara Cara Orange), and they all smell and taste like what they’re supposed to! πŸ˜‰ The scent and flavor of the floss is subtle, not overpowering,Β  which I can appreciate. Also, the floss itself is smooth and really soft, which was interesting, as I wasn’t expecting it! The regular floss that I use is hard in comparison. I will keep it on standby, but I’m in the middle of a love affair with Cocofloss right now. πŸ˜‚

Cocofloss is cruelty free,Β  gluten free, recyclable, and vegan friendly, and the ingredients are microcrystalline wax,Β coconut oil, essential oils, and aromas! Each box contains a two month supply of floss, and costs $8.00 per box. If you decide to try this, please let me know what you think!

*this product was sent to me for review.

Erborian Korean Skin Therapy


Erborian. A premium Korean-French hybrid skincare line that believes in mixingΒ “ancient Korean traditions with signature Parisian luxury.” The product line is technologically advanced (uses high-tech cosmetic engineering), blended with the inclusion of ingredients such as Matcha Green Tea, Bamboo, and Ginseng. It breaks down the typical Korean skincare routine down from twelve steps to three, which saves time, and yet does not sacrifice quality. A simplified routine, with products that are gentle, yet effective on the skin. So, why hadn’t I tried them before? Goodness! 😍 Β 

I was sent a few of the brand’s products to try out, and I am so happy for the opportunity to useΒ a few items from the Ginseng collection. Between the Eau Ginseng Concentrated Lotion, the Elixir au Ginseng, and the Ginseng Shot Mask, my skin is super smooth and soft. I can’t stop touching my face. Seriously. It’s a problem. It typically doesn’t take long for skincare products to work on me, which greatly reduces testing time. But these three products worked so quickly on me that I was almost startled. I remember standing in front of the mirror for awhile, because something about my face was different, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Until I realized that the few fine lines that I had around my eyes were drastically reduced. That was Day 5.



The products:

Eau Ginseng Concentrated Lotion – This is an energizing lotion (toner) that was made to moisturize and smooth the skin, while giving it a beautiful glow. I can attest to its hydrating properties, and how good it feels on the skin. This is one that you want to pat into your skin after cleansing your face in the morning and in the evening. ($39.00)

Elixir au Ginseng – This is the brand’s Youth Micellar Emulsion Essence. This is an anti-aging serumΒ designed to help achieve younger looking skin. Panax Ginseng (aged 6 years) is used in this product for moisturizing and smoothing purposes, and the serum is immediately absorbed into the skin due to its fine emulsion. This is also applied to the skin in the morning and the evening, and although it has been said that you only need two drops, I find myself having to use four or five (or half of a dropper!) in order to really spread it around my face and neck. Given the price point, though, I understand why less drops at a time are recommended. ($110.00)

Ginseng Shot Mask – This mask is again noted for its moisturizing and smoothing properties (see a theme here? πŸ˜‰ ). Firming, smoothing, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving the skin with a beautiful glow are the goals of this product. 15 minutes is all that it takes. ($7.50)

I strongly recommend this product, and that’s not something that I normally do. For me, Erborian is the real deal, and the above products are now staples in my routine. Of course, what works for one may not work for another, but I strongly believe that this brand is worth a try. The entire lineΒ can be bought atΒ and at If you decide to give Erborian a try, or have already tried their products, let me know your thoughts in the comments!


Liebeskind Berlin Esther Satchel…

Liebeskind Berlin is a leather goods brand out of Germany that I wish I’d heard about sooner! Going through their website (, I saw many beautiful products that I would love to own from the brand. Their items are well made, sturdy, made of quality leather, and can seemingly stand the test of time.

Alrighty! So, that brings us to the Liebeskind Berlin Esther Satchel and the Liebeskind Berlin Leather Coin Zip Pouch. I ordered these from Nordstrom Rack as some of my birthday gifts to myself, and while I was extremely excited while waiting for them in the mail, that excitement turned into a bit of disappointment once they got here and I opened the package.

For starters, this is what I bought:


The Esther satchel that I ordered…


The Leather Coin Zip Pouch

This is what I received:


Also an Esther Satchel, but…

Notice something different? The purse that I ordered and the purse that I received are not the same purse. Both fall under the Esther Satchel, as the bags have the same general design, but different embellishments. However, the one that I ordered had two zippers across the front, while this one has a different look altogether. Thankfully the coin pouch came as it was supposed to. Now, I kept the handbag that was sent, as it is lovely as well (and I love it now), but I’m still in my feelings about the situation. So instead of rehashing the subject by typing out the whole story again, I will post a YouTube video that I made about the subject below.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever ordered from Nordstrom Rack and it surprisingly ended up being fulfilled by Hautelook as well? If so, what was your experience with that? Did you receive the items that you actually ordered, or were they substituted with no explanation?