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Hello hello! My name is Kera, and welcome to my little slice of the internet! I started this blog many years ago at the request of a few of my friends who wanted to keep up with my shoe addiction. And then I started posting products and items of clothing that I’d bought because again, friends would ask me for more info, and it was easier to just direct everyone to one place. The blog continued to grow, people started asking me to review their products on occasion, and well…here we are! Helping people navigate the world of “new products” is something that I’ve always enjoyed, and I’m thankful to be able to do it here! My interests are incredibly varied, so expect to see lots of different types of posts here, such as fashion and beauty, travel, tech products, and who doesn’t love a good wishlist? Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, get some snacks, sit back, relax, and enjoy the reviews, rants, ramblings, and musings!

Renaissance Soul. Occasionally creative. Perpetually amused. Dreamer, hugger, and the world’s worst half-Canadian. 🙂

Side note: Old blog can still be found at