Camera Anxiety

I need to find a better spot to take outfit photos! Maybe I should take them outside? In all honesty, it would probably make these photos a lot better…but I’m still a little apprehensive about taking outdoor photos. If I had someone who could take them for me, it would probably ease the anxiety a bit, what with the setting up of the tripod, running around in front of/behind the camera, checking the shots, and doing it all with an old, remoteless camera while people passing by look at me like I’m crazy! I say that, knowing good and well that people are not looking at or watching other people nearly as much as we think they are! They have better things to do with their time, right? So no more excuses. The next outfit pic? Outdoors!

*breathes heavily into a paper bag*

Today’s super casual outfit:


Top: TJMaxx

Jeans: JCP (skinny jeans from ages ago)

Shoes: Steve Madden

Jewelry: the usual – gooooold!


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