Shop My Closet: Vintage Clothing

I really need to wear more of the clothes that are in my closet. Especially the dresses, considering that they fit me better than anything else. It took a long time to come to that realization, but once it hit me, it was like, “Huh. Why didn’t I realize this sooner?!?” Don’t get me wrong, I am not abandoning pants or jeans or anything of the sort…because I love those too! But I do think that this will be the summer of the dress. 😉

Here are a few of the vintage items in my closet that I need to actually wear. Not a lot of text in this post, but there are lots of photos! 🙂

1) 1920s Step-In (nightgown):

1920s step in

1920s step in

Butterflies on the front, leaves (?) on the back…

2) 1930s Day Dress:

1930s dress

1930s dress

3) 1940s/1950s Sleeveless Dress (seen in an earlier post):


4) 1950’s Dress:


This dress is slightly sheer. It really needs a slip underneath…

What’s in your closet that needs a little bit of love? 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shop My Closet: Vintage Clothing

    • K. Nicole says:

      Thanks! I love that one too. It needs to be shown more love, though, as I’ve only worn it out once in the past three years! Oops! lol

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