How About Bangs?

As soon as I decide that I want to cut all of my hair off, I have a moment where I want to keep growing it out. Do I want short hair? Do I want long hair? Make up your mind, right? *shakes fists* I sat around and thought about it for a bit, and it finally dawned on me that bangs might be an option. Or maybe it’ll be a first step. šŸ˜‰ Where did I go for inspiration? Why, Pinterest, of course!

*all photos are from

6dd92aad816950a1e7af62644c51c16b 675e06fc6c780bc57e7ac2ad297aa297164d0050fc42a5ff7a9791370328e92f 182858dfe40bb2b3cdde8ae3b63c094e 130604457913317872_qL9FYMut_c d25fe7f02d48a9403a365c0f7c2c2892 tumblr_lwn196yZmg1qki1hvo1_500 tumblr_lyc94dWoVS1ql5jawo1_500


Oh, the possibilities. As I said before, we shall see, eh? šŸ™‚


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