Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans Are Super Comfortable!

I bought a pair of Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans during the after Christmas sale (and a pair of the mint Rockstar Cords, which should be making an appearance in 3…2…1…), and honestly, they are really comfortable! And now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to put them to good use!

Super casual outfit of the day…

Old Navy Ellen Tracy

4413a 4413b

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans 4413e

1) Ellen Tracy navy and white striped top from Marshall’s (yeah, I made another trip. Don’t judge me!) – Originally $54.50, bought for $19.99

2) Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans

3) MIA heels

4) The regular jewelry – lots of gold. 🙂

One more pic:


If I didn’t have one leg in front of the other, you would see how hippy I actually am. lol

I added this one because as much as I love reading blogs of all kinds, I cannot seem to find enough blogs with women who have curves at all sizes, or the challenges that we face. Shopping and having clothing that fits properly is already a challenge to begin with, but when you have hips, are busty, and have a small (or small-ish) waist, especially if it’s a high waist, it seems that your choices become severely limited…unless you have a tailor on hand or you’re wearing dresses. The right style of dress (and fabric) can truly make a difference between wearing a dress and having a dress wear you. I say that to say that we do need to have more blogs targeted towards those who are truly curvy. We need to be able to look at, put together, and lust after outfits that would actually look amazing on our shapes. And again, you can be a size 18 and be truly curvy/voluptuous, just as you can be a size 4 and be truly curvy/voluptuous as well.

*throws fist in the air, steps off soapbox, sips water*

I don’t know if that made any sense, because hey, I’m sleepy. But I just want to see more blogs with people who are shaped more like me. So if anyone has any suggestions or links to share, please post them in the comments below! Happy Thursday! 🙂


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