Old Post: Quick Pic from Los Angeles (2011)

I am trying to consolidate all of the blogs that I’ve had over the last few years so that everything that I want to keep can be in one place, and so I can delete some of the older blogs. Here’s a super short post from June 2011 when one of my best friends and I (and her family and my mom!) flew out to L.A. for an event and for individual family vacays. IMATS LA was also happening the last day of the visit, but we just couldn’t time it right. Maybe next year, yeah? πŸ™‚


(June 26, 2011)

So a bunch of us flew out to L.A. last week to support our friend, Faith Evangeline, who is the creator of/designer for Evil Pawn Jewelry, at a red carpet event that was held for her to promote her line on the West Coast. Evil Pawn Jewelry’s Rock For A Cause event benefiting the VH1 Save the Music Foundation. One of my best friends is also a model for her, so I was on support mode! I love to support my people, especially when they’re doing awesome things. πŸ˜‰ Check out Faith’s line – you just might like what you see!

Evil Pawn Jewelry

I may throw a few Los Angeles stories your way, if I can post them while I remember them. No promises, though. Y’all know how I do. lol! In the meantime, here’s a quick pic of one of my BFFs (and EPJ model) Grace, Faith Evangeline, and myself. It was late. We were exhausted. I love my people. πŸ™‚


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