DIY Deodorant

So I was browsing my my beautiful friend B’s website,Β Naturally Nourishing, which is dedicated to finding natural alternatives to health and beauty products, and more, when I saw a post on making your own deodorant.

*cue the singing angels*

This was right up my alley, as I have been wanting a more natural alternative to shoving aluminum (and who knows what else! lol) under my arms. I’ve noticed that most deodorants, while they do keep me smelling so fresh and so clean, also lead to underarm discoloration for me. TMI? Yes, but plenty of people suffer from the same issue, so it’s kinda worth talking about. πŸ˜‰ I’ve tried the Crystal deodorants and all, and while they work to a certain extent (and no hyperpigmentation with it!), I just wanted to try something different. Something that I could make at home.

Enter Naturally Nourishing. Two posts that you should check out:

First thoughts on making deodorant

Final thoughts – updated

B’s blog post on a DIY deodorant most definitely caught my attention. Of course I tried it right away! The first time I made it, I created something that was more of a paste or a cream deodorant, which worked really well! But I really wanted to make a deodorant stick, so I used a little less coconut oil, poured it into an empty deodorant container, and voila! Well, almost voila – it seemed like it was taking forever to solidify. So I stuck it in the freezer for a little while (B suggested the same thing!), and now it’s not a melty mess anymore!

fresh from the freezer!
I think it’s done…
yep, it’s ready!

I have also tried this with cocoa butter instead of coconut oil, and it worked out pretty well. The only advantage that cocoa butter has over the coconut oil, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t melt when left out in warm areas. The coconut oil one melts pretty quickly in environments that are even remotely warm. In other words, do not store it in the bathroom while you’re taking a shower or a bath. You will not be happy with the resulting mess! o_O If it gets melty, throw it in the freezer until it solidifies again. πŸ™‚

So the question is…does it work? The answer? Yes, or at least it does for me. Everyone is different, and you won’t know if this is something that you’ll want to use long term until you try it. You don’t need to use very much of it at all, and so far it has worked beautifully!

Note: It’s been a long time since B has updated Naturally Nourishing, but she still has a lot of great info up on the site. It’s definitely worth checking out. πŸ˜‰


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