Beautiful Fragrances: Jo Malone

So, one of my best friends (the beautiful and fabulous Lacretta Nicole!) sent me a package in the mail, which I received this afternoon. I was surprised, as I wasn’t expecting anything, but she tends to do this from time to time! And it is greatly appreciated! šŸ™‚

We were chatting a few days ago about perfumes, because we both love beautiful things, and were talking about our favorite fragrances and suggesting what the other should check out. When she brought up Jo Malone, I was all, *waves arms frantically* because I’ve been wanting to try the scents, but I couldn’t find any stockists close to me. We went over the scents that I’d wanted to try but couldn’t smell, and she gave me the rundown. I thought, “I will try these someday! I will!” Well folks, today is that day, because that’s what came in the mail. Not one bottle, but four. šŸ˜€


Fragrance Notes:


Vetyver: Vetiver, sweet orange, nutmeg, and tarragon

Black Vetyver Cafe: Vetiver, coffee beans, and temple incense

White Jasmine & Mint: Jasmine, lily, orange flower, rose, and wild mint


Red Roses: Rose, violet, lemon, and spearmint

Let me just take a moment to say that I love each and every one of these! For different occasions, of course. I could see wearing the White Jasmine & Mint on spring mornings as a light pick me up. Very fresh. Vetyver and Black Vetyver are more spicy/woody, while Red Roses is a romantic scent, if that makes any sense. That’s what you wear when you want to feel extra pretty. And it’s not a “grandma” rose scent, which is always a plus. šŸ™‚

Check out more of their beautiful fragrances if you get a chance! Jo Malone


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