Straight From Pinterest: DIY Satin Hands Scrub

Pinterest is a great place to find DIY projects to try out, and you can always put your own spin on things…and then repin your version so other people can try it out too! I randomly came across one awhile back that was basically the DIY version of Mary Kay’s Satin Hands scrub. I had all of the ingredients (all two of them!) in the house already, so I figured, hey, why not?

What you will need:

Dawn with Olay Beauty Hand Renewal (it’s pink!)

Granulated sugar


Honestly, the amount of each ingredient can be played with until you get the consistency that you want. At first I used equal amounts of sugar and soap, and that was a lot more runny than I’d intended. So I kept adding sugar until it thickened up, and when it got to the consistency that I was comfortable with, it probably ended up being two parts sugar to one part soap. I loved the scrubby feeling that it gave (ooooooh, exfoliation!), but then I decided to go the extra mile. Because I can be extra when it comes to exfoliation. I LOVE to exfoliate!!! So then I added…

Sea salt.

Exfoliates. So. Good! I also use this on my feet, which feels oh so lovely!

Try it out! You can experiment with this as much as you’d like! I’m tempted to add a little bit of olive oil into the mix, just to see what happens. 😉


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