In the Lab: Easy DIY Facial Moisturizing Gel

Easy DIY Facial Moisturizing Gel


So…this is so easy that it’s ridiculous. 😉 I have oily skin, but the winter makes it do strange things. It turns into combination skin, with my forehead and nose remaining oily, and my cheeks becoming really dry and irritated. None of my storebought moisturizers help with the dry areas, so last winter I figured I would take to the internet and find something, ANYTHING that would help my skin feel and look more moisturized. And of course, the answer was simple – aloe vera gel and glycerin. It’s light, and you don’t need to use much of it to get complete coverage.


Why didn’t I think of that? lol


What you need:

Aloe Vera gel

Glycerin (regular or vegetable)

A bowl and spoon/spatula for mixing

A clean container to store it in!


I unfortunately don’t have exact measurements (as in a tablespoon of this, or a cup of that). What I do is use three parts aloe vera gel and one part glycerin. Mix them together thoroughly, and then put it into a container. Use as necessary. Just a reminder, though – you don’t have to use very much of this at all. It spreads really easily.


This time I used an airless pump bottle (1 oz size – you can find them for sale on eBay,,, etc. and they are not expensive!). This is great for me, because one pump is enough for my skin. Maybe two if I’m feeling special. 😉

I’m not sure how this is going to work for my skin with Summer being here (and it brought it’s little friend, Humidity), but for winter? It’s perfect, and my skin totally thanked me for it. 😀


4 thoughts on “In the Lab: Easy DIY Facial Moisturizing Gel

  1. Funmi says:

    This is great! I’ve been using simple’s gel moisturizer. They had it at my local 99¢ only store and because it’s a pretty trusted brand and also because I have really oily skin and it’s the sticky hot humid summer months in Houston Tx, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try it out. I had been using one from Garnier it cost $6 for a small jar and it was just alright. I bought the simple and instantly regretted that I only bought one (it was only $1!) Because everytime I went back there were no more, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere else! Last night I found some pure glycerin sitting next to my aloe Vera gel (both in excessive quantities that have been sitting around for months) and I instantly thought DIY gel moisturizer! And low and behold, I find your DIY that works perfectly!

    • K. Nicole says:

      Hi there! I feel your pain on buying only one item and liking it, only to never find it in stores again! lol So frustrating! But I’m so glad that this DIY is working for you! It’s hard sifting through products, trying to find something that will fit what your skin needs at the moment. But it’s always good to know that some things that work just as well can be made right at home! Have a fantastic day! 😀

    • K. Nicole says:

      Hi! Honestly, I wouldn’t know, as it’s not an issue that I really deal with. I’m sorry! I do know that people have used aloe vera to treat acne, so it might be worth a try! 🙂

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