Oh so random…H&M!

So I was perusing H&M’s website today after a friend asked me to look at a dress that she’d just purchased at our “local” store. It’s a super cute dress, that’s for sure! So of course I had to look around the website to see what else they had to offer at the moment. Of course! It’s been a few months since I’ve shopped at H&M, as the closest one is an hour away, and I always forget that we can’t buy directly from the website here in the States. Which saddens me. Hopefully we’ll have that option soon!

Today’s (short) H&M wishlist:

Top in White/Blue - $9.95

Gold sweater - $9.95

Blouse in Natural White - $9.95

Blouse - $34.95

Sweater in Bright Turquoise - $34.95

A canvas bag for traveling, yes? 🙂

Beige Canvas Bag - $39.95

And of course, a tote for the beachy days!

Bag in Powder - $14.95

What’s on your current H&M wishlist? 🙂


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