30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 8 – Morning Routine

I didn’t want to post pics of me actually doing my morning routine (scary! lol), but one part of my routine is the cleansing of the face. The products used depends on the time of the year, what the weather is doing, how my skin has been acting, blah blah blah. DHC Washing Powder is a morning favorite, followed by H2O+ Waterwhite Brightening Tonic (do not let the name fool you, it only gives you a glow. lol), and then one of my favorite oils, Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Multipurpose Oil (use it on yo’ hair, use it on yo’ face, use it all over yo’ booooody!). Nuxe was on my list of things to buy, which I had actually forgotten about until I received it through Birchbox a few months ago. I. Love. This. Stuff. If I’m not using this, I’ll use an oil blend from Truth Art Beauty (a Birchbox find!). I believe the blend is organic argan oil/organic rosehip/organic pomegranate. But you can make your own blend at http://truthartbeauty.com.


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