30 Day Photo Challenge, Day 2 – Your Closet

Yikes. Alright, I don’t have a lot of space here, so I am trying to make the most of the situation, you hear me? ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve actually taken out all of the spring/summer clothes and have them stored elsewhere, so this is almost all fall/winter goods that you’re looking at. ย Also, the shoes? Nowhere near the amount of shoes that are actually lounging around my room. My family calls me Imelda Marcos for a reason. Some are stored outside of the closet in full view (what, they’re gorgeous!), and then I have all of my boots and larger shoes stored in a system under the bed. Speaking of systems, there’s actually a small drawer system in the closet on the left side, but you can’t see it because I usually hang longer clothing on the left side. I swear that I redo this closet every season. Up above are two baskets that are holding purses, and some odds and ends. The styrofoam head? For wigs. *sighs* I cannot wait to move back into a place where I have an extra bedroom to turn into a full on walk-in closet. I will also have a wig crypt in said closet. I have spoken.



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