In the Mail: JLUXLABEL

I haven’t bought much of anything lately, for some odd reason, but every time I saw this dress on JLUXLABEL’s website, when I would finally make the decision to buy it, it would be GONE! I swear that’s the story of my life, because I just had this issue with Coloured Raine a few days ago (oh, I WILL have Cherry Blossom and Roulette in my life, dangit!)! But it was finally on the website again as of a few days ago. The clouds parted, and the sun shone down on my wallet, giving it permission to release those funds so I could buy this dress! Currently waiting on a shipping notification. :)

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Multigrain “Intermix” Shoulder Dress –

Louis Moinet – “Memoris”

Let me tell you a quick story:

In 1816, a watchmaker by the name of Louis Moinet created what he called the “compteur de tierces,” but we know it as the chronograph, a timepiece that combines both a display watch and a stopwatch. It was originally created for use in tracking astronomical objects, but is now also used for many tasks, such as to pilot airplanes and maneuver submarines. It was and continues to be a fantastically beautiful invention, and now, 200 years after its creation, the watch company that bears his name has created a timepiece in his memory.

Louis Moinet, a Swiss watch brand located in Saint-Blaise, prides itself on taking “a completely different approach to watchmaking.” At Baselworld 2015 this past March, the company introduced “Memoris,” the first chronograph-watch in history – a chronograph that also tells the time. The launch of this piece fell on the ten-year anniversary of the company, and on the bi-centenary of the chronograph’s invention. It is a special piece, one that focuses on the celebration of both the man and the company.

Before I get into how I feel about this watch, let’s take a quick look at some of the specs:

  • Visible chronograph mechanism
  • A 60 second chronograph and 30 minute chronograph counter
  • Automatic click movement with chronograph function on the dial
  • 302-component LM54 caliber, which is manufactured and designed by Louis Moinet
  • “Energie Plus” system – increases the automatic wind efficiency by 30% – watch can be wound in both directions
  • The case is composed of 52 pieces, designed with two-part bezel and six screws
  • 18K gold
  • Diameter: 46 mm
  • Thickness: 15.75 mm
  • Water resistance: 50 meters
  • Strap is hand-sewn and made from Louisiana alligator leather with alligator lining
  • Buckle is 18K gold folding clasp with a Fleur-de-lis motif
  • This is a Limited Edition piece that comes in 18K rose gold and 18K white gold, with three editions. Only 60 watches in each edition were made.

If you ask me how I feel about “Memoris,” it would not be from the perspective of someone who is extremely well versed in the mechanics of watches, but of someone who has owned and enjoyed more than their fair share of watches in their lifetime. The first thing that I would say is that I cannot stop looking at it. I honestly had an emotional response the moment that I first saw this watch. “Memoris” is quite easily one of the most beautiful watches that I have ever seen. It is literally a work of art. It’s not just that it is a piece that celebrates a man and his invention that is still in use today, but it’s the way that it was designed. 300+ components were created for the movement, and over 50 components for the case. They were serious about making this timepiece work, and it shows. The watch is absolutely gorgeous, and the chronograph function in whole is displayed on the dial side of the piece, which is something that has never been done before. Being able to see the inner workings of the timepiece is exciting to me, as I have always been the person that wanted to know exactly how things work. Granted, that may have gotten me in a little trouble as a kid, because I always took apart the expensive things and didn’t put them back together, but that’s neither here nor there. ;)

I like beautiful things. I cannot help it. And “Memoris” falls into that category. There is something about it that calls to me, and I hope to add it to my collection one day. Mind you, that may be 10 years from now, but it will happen. It’s good to have a dream! But until then, there’s this:

Use Up Your Stash: Hair Edition

The time has come. Yes, it has come. I need…to use up all of these hair products. This is actually difficult for me at times, because I am a product junkie, and I love to try new things on my hair! Especially since it acts differently with each season, so my products tend to change with the season as well. But no more. I am running out of places to put these products, so I need to use them up. And I will try to use them before buying new products! But what I think I’ll do is…I’ll take it bit by bit. I’ll use up the stash at the same time(ish), but instead of waiting until the entire stash is gone to buy new products, when I use up some of the necessities, then I’ll buy more of what I actually need. For example, when I run out of conditioner, I’ll then go out and buy a new bottle, because conditioner is necessary for my hair to be healthy. I will run out of conditioner before I run out of protein treatments, you know?

So, here is what one of my stash drawers looks like:

Toothbrush is actually for laying down my edges. I am not brushing my teeth with this thing! :D

Toothbrush is actually for laying down my edges. I am not brushing my teeth with this thing! :D

It’s not too bad, but there are a few overflow products that I have to keep elsewhere, because there’s no more room left in the drawer! There are a few items that will have to be thrown away, because I cannot remember exactly when I bought them, but I know that it was a long time ago (ex: VS Hair Creme). I will be using up various shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, hair oils, protein treatments, a clear rinse, leave-ins, heat protectants, curly hair moisturizing products, and anything else that I haven’t found yet. Stuff is spread out – still finding products! Hopefully I can blow through these products over the next few months…because Black Friday/Cyber Monday is coming up more quickly than I’d realized! Hair product sales are coming soon! Ha!

Have you ever tried to use up your product stashes? How successful were you? :)

Influenster: YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

Hello there! I had a chance to test and review the new and improved version of the Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara, and let me tell you…I love this stuff. Absolute truth.


First, the details:

According to YSL Beauty, the new formula doesn’t dry out, and can help to create dramatic looking lashes (increase length and volume). It is also formulated to create more care for the lashes with the use of B-5 Pro Vitamin to strengthen and protect the lashes. The brush is made of nylon fibers, ensuring maximum volume and color, and the mascara comes in six colors – High Density Black, Burgundy, Rich Brown, Deep Night, Fascinating Violet, and Extreme Blue.

And now, I have to say, again…I love this stuff. The first thing that drew me to this product was the packaging, because you all know that I’m a sucker for pretty packaging! I received the mascara in High Density Black, and it is true to its name. This mascara glides on so smoothly, and although it did add some length to my lashes, it wasn’t as dramatic as it would be for some, as my eyelashes are really short and super fine.


However, I was still impressed with the application, and had no problems with flaking or sensitivity, which I was thankful for. There’s nothing like having a mascara flake floating around on your contacts! Talk about irritating. So I’m glad that I haven’t had this problem with the Volume Effet mascara. I also love the fact that this mascara is lightly scented, and that it smells rather delightful! No slight chemical scent like you get with most mascaras. I will say that the quality of YSL beauty products has always been consistent in my opinion, and I can absolutely appreciate that.

Have you tried the new formulation of the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara? If so, let me know how you liked it! If not, is it something that interests you, or you think that you might try? Leave a comment down below! :)

* I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Physicians Formula Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit

Well. I am so unbelievably late with this one! Physicians Formula sent me their new Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit for review awhile back, and for whatever reason, I just really ended up taking my time posting this. And now it’s in stores. Of course. I apologize!


Physicians Formula Lash Boosting Mascara


Physicians Formula Lash Extensions

The basics: This kit comes with two pieces. The first is the Lash Boosting Mascara, which according to Physicians Formula has their “Lash Boosting Technology,” which is supposed to have several benefits, one being for long term lash growth. The second part of the kit is the Lash Extensions, which are made up of vitamin E, cellulose, botanical extracts, panthenol, and natural colorants that come from artichoke and basil. The extensions are supposed to create length and volume, all in two minutes or less.

DSC04984DSC04985DSC04988 DSC04987

The review: I initially tried this the day that it came in the mail, and even though I’d read the instructions, I just couldn’t get it right for some reason. The extension fibers were getting everywhere! On my eyelids, on my cheeks, and on the counter. I was so irritated that I washed everything off and put the kit back in the “to review” basket. Fast forward to this week, when I realized that I hadn’t done the review, and come to find out…my earlier experience was almost completely full of user error.

On this second attempt, I applied the first coat of mascara, and then I opened the tube of extensions. This time, I tapped the brush several times before applying the extensions. A lot of the fibers fell off onto the counter as opposed to on my cheeks. ;) I applied the extensions, came back with another coat of mascara, then extensions again, and sealed with a final coat of mascara.

The results:

DSC04969 DSC04954 DSC04951

Honestly, this second application went far better than the first one. Because I tapped off the brush before applying the extensions, I had barely any fallout on my face, which was absolutely appreciated! It lengthened my eyelashes quite a bit, but the results on me probably aren’t as “amazing” as they would be on those who have eyelashes that are a more “normal” length. My eyelashes are short, y’all! This is my version of amazing! :D

Overall, I like this lash extension kit. I just had to get over the issue with the fiber fallout. My eyes weren’t irritated, which is important as a contact lens wearer/someone with sensitive eyes, and I didn’t have any issues with flaking. I wouldn’t consider it to be “life changing” as is said in the advertisements, but it is definitely effective. :)

If you’ve tried this kit, let me know how you like it! :)